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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management 

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According to Ladders, self-awareness is the first step for personal growth. Check out these 15 simple exercises to increase your self-awareness to help turn you into a better leader, both personally and professionally. 

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 What We're Reading 

"Supply chain management tools that compare product pricing by spend and supplier market share provide an accurate representation of where your organization stands against your peers. Our applications have identified an average savings opportunity of 13.4% percent across all facilities. When considering that supply chain expense is close to outweighing labor expense, these savings can have a major impact on an organization's bottom line." -Lauren Davis, Product Director, Medical-Surgical Solutions 

Click the image below to listen to Cloe Talamini and Lauren Davis discuss how PharmaPricer utilizes BroadJump's industry-leading technology to obtain realistic cost information in therapeutic drug classes, significantly reducing the cycle time to renegotiate pricing agreements. 

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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management