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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management 

 What We're Reading 

How Hospitals Can Accommodate Pharmacy's Expanding Role: 

Considering the cost of some drugs has jumped as much as 3,600% in recent years, hospitals need access to resources that track pricing and identify opportunities for savings. 

Unraveling the Mysteries of Healthcare Supply Chain Pricing:

Supply pricing transparency should not be seen as an attractive but improbable prospect, but as an immediate and critical need—one that requires a transformation of industry practices around the pricing of essential medical supplies. 

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 Tips From the Top 

"With supply chain expenses predicted to soon outweigh labor costs, healthcare organizations must look for ways to control spend. Supply chain teams need access to data that helps them understand the factors that drive variation in pricing and utilization of products." -Dan DeTorrice, President & CIO, BroadJump. 

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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management