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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management 

 What We're Reading 

11 Pharma Leaders Offer Advice on Controlling Drug Spend: 

BroadJump's Cloe Davis comments on integrating data analytics solutions into your pharmacy spend and how it enables hospitals to monitor drug pricing and identify opportunities for savings. 

Fixing the Weak Link in the Healthcare Supply Chain:

With the power of market-based pricing intelligence, all organizations, regardless of size, can benefit from a balanced playing field. 

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 Tips From the Top 

Read Lauren Davis's article How to Make Physicians Data-Driven Champions of Your Supply Chain featured in the June/July edition of AHRMM's magazine Supply Chain Strategies & Solutions.  

Did you know? 

On average, BroadJump clients purchase from more than 16 different spinal manufacturers. As a whole, BroadJump clients have more than $30 million in potential savings opportunities. 

Click the image below to read how Children's Hospital of Orange County used BroadJump's AutoPricer solution to realize nearly $300,000 in annualized savings opportunities. 

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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management