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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management 

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Why Executives Are Adopting a More Proactive, Strategic View of Supply Chain:

BroadJump's Lauren Davis explains that when your physicians can make data-driven decisions, they are more inclined to work with your supply chain team toward achieving standardization and reducing costs. 

3 Common Reasons Standardization Efforts Can Fail:

Your clinical teams must be a part of your supply chain decisions if you want to realize significant savings. 

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 What We're Reading 

"Instead of relying on spend trends and benchmarking, hospitals need access to real data to understand where they are overspending and how they can fix it. Analytics that break down spend by account type and therapeutic drug class can help pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your attention." -Cloe Talamini, Senior Healthcare Business Analyst, Pharmacy Specialist  

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BroadJump has built a multi-level recognition process that combines the logic of over 350k rules and aliases to cleanse and standardize healthcare purchasing data.

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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management