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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management 

 What We're Reading 

Today's Challenges for Health System Pharmacy Buyers

BroadJump's Cloe Talamini weighs in on managing spend during drug shortages and how applications that enable organizations to toggle between account types can help you prepare for changes

Supply Chain Tip of the Day: Reduce Inefficiences through Technology:

BroadJump's Ann Castro discusses how creating market baskets for your top items can help you better monitor spend and track peer pricing 

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 What We're Reading 

"The continuous renegotiation of supply pricing has been the most common weapon of the supply chain team, but price is just one factor; utilization is also driving costs. Identifying and reducing unwanted variation in utilization practices can have a major impact on the bottom line." -Greg Corban, Chief Operating Officer, BroadJump  

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-Cheryl Weatherford, Executive Vice President of Client Management