PharmaPricer: pharmacy data analytics

Does pharmaceutical pricing seem like an impenetrable jungle?

If you’re part of pharmacy operations for a healthcare organization, you have to deal with a plethora of pharmacy programs and increasing drug shortages, all within a procurement process that up to now has lacked actionable data.

PharmaPricer™ brings the same level of transparency to pharmaceuticals that AutoPricer delivers for med/surg supplies. Powered by the technology of our flagship supply chain solution, it uses neutral, unbiased data across all GPOs received directly from pharmacy wholesalers. PharmaPricer allows you to compare pricing in real time to that of hundreds of peer facilities for the exact same drugs. In addition to the price, you can see these peers’ market share and spend volumes, gaining leverage with your suppliers.

Use PharmaPricer to:

  • Achieve significantly reduced cycle time for pricing negotiations
  • Monitor volatile pricing during drug shortages
  • Analyze proposed pricing prior to signing a contract
  • As a result, you can achieve significant savings without having to adjust your formulary!

PharmaPricer is easy to implement and use. Our expert client managers will guide the way, and we offer flexible levels of support up to turnkey project management.

PharmaPricer puts quick, actionable pharmaceutical savings opportunities at your fingertips.

PharmaPricer provides the flexibility to manage spend by account type: 

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

US 340B Federal Discount Drug Program

Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC)

Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH)